State Song Of Louisiana

State Song Of Louisiana

“Give Me Louisiana

“Give Me Louisiana” Is The Official State Song Of Louisiana. Louisiana Adopted “Give Me Louisiana” (words and music by Doralice Fontane, arranged by Dr. John Croom) as an official state song in 1970. In 1970, the state added Doralice Fontaine’s “Give Me Louisiana” as an official state song. There is some controversy when it comes to whether this action superseded 1932 honoring of “Song of Louisiana,” or whether is simply added to the state’s rolls. Louisiana State Song “Give Me Louisiana” is often the first song cited when discussing the state’s official tunes, and many covers and remixes have been made over the years.



Give me Louisiana,

The state where I was born

The state of snowy cotton,

The best I’ve ever known;

A state of sweet magnolias,

And Creole melodies

Oh give me Louisiana,

The state where I was born

Oh what sweet old memories

The mossy old oaks bring

It brings us the story of our Evangeline

A state of an old tradition,

of old plantation days

Makes good old Louisiana

The sweetest of all states.


Give me Louisiana,

A state prepared to share

That good old southern custom,

Hospitality so rare;

A state of fruit and flowers,

Of sunshine and spring showers

Oh give me Louisiana,

The state where I was born

Its woodlands, Its marshes

Where humble trappers live

Its rivers, Its valleys,

A place to always give

A state where work is a pleasure,

With blessings in full measure

Makes good old Louisiana

The dearest of all states.


Give me Louisiana,

Where love birds always sing

In shady lanes or pastures,

The cowbells softly ring;

The softness of the sunset

Brings peace and blissful rest

Oh give me Louisiana,

The state where I was born

The smell of sweet clover

Which blossoms everywhere

The fresh new-mown hay

Where children romp and play

A state of love and laughter,

A state for all hereafter

Makes good old Louisiana

The grandest of all states.


“You are My Sunshine”

“You are My Sunshine” Is The Another Official State Song Of Louisiana. Louisiana’s legislature added it to the list of official songs in 1977. Of all the songs honored by Louisiana, “You Are My Sunshine” is perhaps the best known on a national and potentially even international scale. Unlike the others, this song isn’t specifically about Louisiana and doesn’t name the state directly in the lyrics. The Louisiana State Song was written by Jimmie Davis, Louisiana’s 47th governor, however, and by most accounts was actually composed while he was in office. According to widespread rumor, the song was written about the illicit affair Davis had with a younger woman, though this has never been confirmed. It remains a popular country music ballad and has been remastered and covered by thousands of artists all over the world.



The other night, dear

As I lay sleeping

I dreamed I held you in my arms.

When I awoke, dear

I was mistaken

And I hung my head and cried;



You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are grey

You’ll never know dear

How much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away.


I’ll always love you

And make you happy

If you will only say the same

But if you leave me

To love another

You’ll regret it all some day;



You told me once, dear

You really loved me

And no one else could come between

But now you’ve left me

And love another

You have shattered all my dreams;



Louisiana my Louisiana

the place where I was borne.

White fields of cotton

— green fields clover,

the best fishing

and long tall corn;



Crawfish gumbo and jambalaya

the biggest shrimp and sugar cane,

the finest oysters

and sweet strawberries

from Toledo Bend to New Orleans;



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