State Song Of Michigan

State Song Of Michigan

“My Michigan” Is The Official State Song Of Michigan. Michigan Adopted “My Michigan” as the official state song in 1936 (lyrics by Giles Kavanagh and music by H. O’Reilly Clint; written in 1933). Many people think “Michigan, My Michigan” by W. Otto Meissner and Douglas Malloch is the official Michigan State Song But “My Michigan” is the only song recognized by Michigan legislature. The Final Resolution Reads:

“WHEREAS, The words and music in the State Song Of Michigan My Michigan, as composed and written by Giles Kavanagh and H. O’Reilly Clint, express the hopes, ambitions, and pride of the people of the State of Michigan; and

WHEREAS, On June 18, 1936, Governor Frank D. Fitzgerald designated “My Michigan,” as an official song of the State of Michigan, in true recognition of the fine thoughts conveyed in the words and music of this lovely memorial to the State of Michigan; now therefore be it Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the 1937 Michigan Legislature designates and adopts “My Michigan,” as an official Michigan State Song.”


Michigan, My Michigan Lyrics

Written by Douglas M. Malloch


A song to thee, fair State of mine,

Michigan, my Michigan.

But greater song than this is thine,

Michigan, my Michigan.

The whisper of the forest tree.

The thunder of the inland sea;

Unite in one grand symphony

Of Michigan, my Michigan


I sing a State of all the best,

Michigan, my Michigan;

I sing a State with riches bless’d

Michigan, my Michigan;

Thy mines unmask a hidden store,

But richer thy historic lore,

More great the love thy builders bore,

O Michigan, my Michigan.


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