State Symbols Of Alabama

State Reptile of Alabama

Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle Is The State Reptile of Alabama. The Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle, Pseudemys alabamensis, is native to Alabama. The Emydidae turtle family, of which the Alabama red-bellied turtle belongs, is the largest turtle family with over 80 species worldwide. Six genera and 13 species occur in Alabama. The red-belly inhabits the fresh to brackish waters of the Mobile Delta in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. The Alabama red-bellied turtle and related species are often seen basking on logs. It is found nowhere else in the world.


State Rock Of Alabama

Marble Is The State Rock Of Alabama. Alabama marble was designated the official state rock symbol in 1969. The major source of Alabama marble is in an area known as the “Sylacauga marble belt” in Talladega County. The marble from this area has been called the whitest marble in the world. Well known for its high-grade crystalline texture and beauty, Alabama marble has been used in buildings and monuments for over 160 years.


State Tree Fruit Of Alabama

Peach Is The State Tree Fruit Of Alabama. The peach (Rosacea, genus Prunus, Species P. persica) was designated the official state tree fruit of Alabama in 2006 (the blackberry is the state fruit, adopted in 1949. There are thirty to forty varieties of peaches grown commercially throughout Alabama, harvested from early May to early September.