State Symbols Of Alaska

State Fossil Of Alaska

Woolly Mammoth Is The Alaska State Fossil. The Woolly Mammoth, (Mammuthus primigenius,) was adopted in 1986 per the 14th Legislature as State Fossil Of Alaska. These extinct creatures patrolled areas including Alaska’s northern reaches and the Tanana River valley near Big Delta in the Interior.

Archaeologists have found indications that prehistoric people worked with fossil tusks. Primitive hunters were sometimes successful in killing them for food and needs. Gold miners sometimes wash mammoth tusks and teeth out of streambeds and hillsides. Visitors to the University of Alaska Museum in Fairbanks may touch a mammoth tooth on display.


State Insect Of Alaska

Four-Spotted Skimmer Is The State Insect Of Alaska. It Was Adopted on August 24, 1995. After a campaign by students from the Auntie Mary Nicoli Elementary School in Aniak, the winner is the four-spot skimmer dragonfly. It mauled the mosquito. State Insect Of Alaska battered the butterfly. And it bested the bumblebee in a tight contest to be the Last Frontier’s official insect. After the votes were tallied from every public school in the state, the dragonfly downed the mosquito 3,914 to 3,035.

In a sponsor statement for House Bill 239, which Gov. Knowles signed into law in May, Rep. Irene Nicholia stated a reason the dragonfly was more worthy to represent the state than the mosquito: “The dragonfly’s ability to hover and fly forward and backward reminds us of the skillful maneuvering of the bush pilots in Alaska. Alaska State Insect Four-spotted Chaser known in North America as the Four-spotted Skimmer.