State Tree Of Delaware

State Tree Of Delaware

American Holly (Ilex Opaca, Aiton ) Often Referred to as the Christmas or Evergreen Holly State Tree Of Delaware. American Holly Tree Was Adopted as the official Delaware State Tree on May 1, 1939, by An Act of the General Assembly of Delaware. The Bill Was signed by Governor Richard C McMullen. The American Holly is regarded as one of Delaware’s most important forest trees and Often called Christmas holly or evergreen holly.

American Holly is native to the eastern United States, from coastal Massachusetts south to central Florida, and west to southeastern Missouri. State Tree Of Delaware has Dark, green thorny-leaved and leathery foliage. Sometimes they are very shiny. Underneath, they are yellowish-green. Delaware State Tree American holly normally grows to heights of 15 to 30 feet tall, but records indicate mature heights of up to 100 feet.

On the poor soils of coastal beaches, this holly may never exceed shrub size.  The bark of it is smooth, and grayish to grayish-brown. The dense branches of this Delaware State Tree holly grow nearly horizontal in a spreading crown, which takes on a pyramidal silhouette. The evergreen foliage is stiff and leathery in texture, with large, remotely spined teeth.  The leaves are arranged alternately. They are 2 to 4 inches long, satin green and smooth above, and yellowish-green below.

State Tree Of Delaware American holly grows from Massachusetts to Florida, west to Texas and Missouri, and is adapted to a wide range of site conditions.  State Tree Of Delaware grows best on well-drained, sandy soils, but will tolerate those which are somewhat poorly drained. This small Delaware State Tree has good shade tolerance but does well in direct sun.



The white, radially symmetrical male flowers are small and are arranged in small clusters, rounded, at the leaf axils. Female flowers are similar in appearance but are arranged singularly along the length of the branches.


The berry-like fruit is round and bright red. Berries are arranged singularly along the length of the stem.


The Leaves Of American holly is glossy green, leathery leaves measure approximately 5 cm. in length and are elliptical with pointed tips, pronounced ridged midveins, and characteristically-toothed margins.


American holly grows best in a wide variety of soils excluding wetlands and extremely dry mediums.


Fun Facts:

  1. American holly is an evergreen whose bright, showy berries and characteristic leaves make it a popular component of ornamental winter displays.
  2. American holly berries are a popular food source for birds.