State Tree Of Georgia

State Tree Of Georgia

The Southern Live Oak (Fagaceae Quercus virginiana) Is The Official State Tree Of Georgia. The Southern Live Oak is Georgia‘s official tree. It’s better known as the live oak tree and has held the title since 1937. Southern Live Oak was adopted as the official tree of Georgia by. Joint Resolution No. 14, at the request of the Edmund Burke Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, located in Waynesboro.

The Georgia State Tree Southern Live Oak is a species of oak found from Texas to Florida to Virginia. The common names for the Quercus virginiana include the Live Oak, the Southern Live Oak, and the Texas Live Oak. Size and growth vary depending on proximity to coastal regions. The larger Live State Tree Of Georgia Oaks tend to grow further inland, whereas Live Oaks in coastal regions tend to be smaller.

Southern Live Oak produces small flowers during the spring, and the tree is pollinated by the wind. The Georgia State Tree Live Oak is also considered a rapidly growing species. The growth of the Live Oak begins very quickly, however as it becomes older its growth rate begins to decline. Georgia State Tree flourishes along the coastal plains and on the islands where the first settlers made their homes.


Identification of the Live Oak:



This native tree can grow to an average of 50 feet tall and 36-48 inches in diameter but can have trunks over 70 inches in diameter.  The bark is furrowed longitudinally, and the small acorns are long and tapered. The bark and twigs are dark to light grayish color and become darker with age.  The leaves are thick, shiny, and dark green on top, lighter below. Small flowers are produced when new leaves are grown. The fruit, which is an acorn, has a 1-inch long cup, somewhat narrowed at the base.


Live oak leaves grow alternately along twigs.  Leaves are simple, unlobed, thick, stiff, and leathery.  Leaves are 1.5 to 4.5 inches long and ½ to 2 inches wide.  The leaf edge is smooth to slightly wavy, with rarely a few scattered teeth especially on juvenile shoots.


The Southern Live Oak tree produces acorns. The acorns are usually narrow at the base and are about an inch long. The acorns produced by live oak trees are light brown within the cap and dark brown to black throughout the rest of the fruit.


Staminate flowers are borne on catkins. Pistillate flowers borne on spikes. Appearing March through May.



A medium-sized State Tree Of Georgia Southern Live Oak tree that can grow to massive proportions. Open-grown trees develop a huge rounded crown. The largest crowns may be 150 feet across.


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