State Tree Of Hawaii

State Tree Of Hawaii

The Official State Tree Of Hawaii is the Kukui Nut Tree also referred to as the Candlenut, Indian walnut, Kemiri, Varnish tree, nuez de la India, and buah keras. Lawrence McCully Judd while serving as Territorial Governor of Hawai’i, issued a proclamation On March 17, 1930, Declaring the Coconut Palm or Niu To be the official State Tree Of Hawaii of the Territory of Hawaii. The Niu Consider as the official tree until April 30, 1959. On May 1, 1959, with Joint Resolution No. 3, the 30th Territorial Legislature of Hawai’i approved the kukui, or Candlenut Tree, As The Official Hawaii State Tree.

In ancient Hawai‘i, the kukui nuts were burned to provide light. The very name Kukui‘ula comes from two words: kukui, or candlenut, and `plan which means red glow. State Tree Of Hawaii grows to a height of 15–25 m (49–82 ft), with wide spreading or pendulous branches. The leaves of Kukui Nut Tree are pale green, simple, and ovate, or trilobed or rarely five-lobed, with an acute apex, 10–20 cm (3.9–7.9 in) long. The Hawaii State Tree nut is round, 4–6 cm (1.6–2.4 in) in diameter; the seed shell has white, oily, and the fleshy kernel that contains a thin embryo surrounded by endosperm.

Its kernel serves as the source of oil and is covered with a thin layer of the secondary seed coat. State Tree Of Hawaii Is Native to Malaysia, Polynesia, Malay Peninsula, Philippines, and South Seas Islands. The Hawaii State Tree tree holds much symbolism for Hawaiians. The Hawaii State Tree kukui nut represents protection, peace, enlightenment, and light. Kamapua’a, the Hawaiian demi-god of fertility, would be able to take the form of the kukui nut tree before changing back into his half-hog, half-man form.


Amazing Benefits & Uses Of Hawaii Kukui Nut Tree Oil:

1. Increases Hair Strength:

A popular traditional use of State Tree Of Hawaii kukui nut oil is to apply it to the hair in the form of a hair mask, mixing it in with shampoos or conditioners, or simply massaging it into the scalp and tips of the hair.

2. Prevents Dandruff:

As an emollient substance, kukui nut oil is able to coat the skin and lock in moisture, thus preventing dry skin and dandruff that inevitably follows.

3. Boosts Immune System:

With rich amounts of vitamin E and vitamin C, this oil is packed with antioxidants and immune-boosting potential. Your skin is exposed to countless pathogens and irritants every day, but if you regularly apply kukui nut oil, particularly to the hands and face, you can give your skin an advantage when it comes to fighting infections.