The Seal Of Louisiana State

The Seal Of Louisiana State

The Great Seal of The State of Louisiana was adopted as the official state seal of Louisiana in 1902. The Seal Of Louisiana consists of a heraldic charge called a “pelican in her piety,” representing a brown pelican (the official state bird) wounding her breast to feed her young from her own blood. This symbol, emblematic of Christian charity, is also found on the Louisiana state flag.

The Louisiana state motto of “Union, justice, confidence” surrounds the birds on the state seal. An outer ring further identifies it with the words “State of Louisiana”. The secretary of state shall supply line art for the Seal Of Louisiana for metal casting embossed seals and seal devices. The Seal Of Louisiana consists of a central crest within a circle and an outer circle bearing the state name and ornamentation. The artwork is identical to the flag’s crest but displayed without the banner.

The motto is circumscribed around the crest with:  “Union Justice” above the Pelican, the words separated by a single bullet, and “Confidence” below the crest, bracketed by bullets. The font is the same hand-rendered font as on the state flag. “State of Louisiana” shall appear in the outer circle and uppermost on the seal, circumscribed along the uppermost portion of the outer circle.

The font for this shall be AgaramondPro-Bold (OpenType). The state Seal Of Louisiana shall be reproduced in full, four-color process printing using files provided by the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office, or in black and white using only line art supplied by the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office. The artwork supplied by the secretary of state is to be used as-is with no alterations except sizing as needed.

Louisiana state agencies and departments may, however, adopt the Seal Of Louisiana as their own by adding the agency or departmental name, using the designated font, circumscribed along the bottom portion of the outer circle; the same circle in which “The State of Louisiana” is placed.