Overview Volkswagen beetle

Overview Volkswagen beetle

Volkswagen beetle is fully loaded in comparison to its previous model. Starting from its masculine exterior, it has undergone all round performance, interior and other improvements.

Overview Volkswagen beetle

The car proves to be more fuel-efficient than that of the previous version. The bug-like roof looks quite simple as compared to its previous model. The brand has maintained the original design of the headlamps. The tail lamps have undergone a little change. Now you can pack your cargo chamber in your new Volkswagen beetle. The fender of the car has been improved with a little cartoonist structure.

Volkswagen beetle interior and exterior

Volkswagen beetle interior and exterior

interior and exterior of the new model is touted to be masculine but it has become more womanly. The most attractive part of the car is its lines. The car still maintains its classic looks with stretched arches and clear flares. The interior of the car has been stuffed with all the technical equipments that you would love to make use of. Apart from that looks of the interior is quite same as that of the previous model. The wheel has gone from circular wheels to model alloy wheel structure. The wheel is equipped with a hubcap. The wheel of the car is available in both white and black.

Volkswagen beetle Performance

Volkswagen beetle sets out to deliver all round performance by maintaining swift balance between fun and delivery. You can choose between manual and automatic transmission systems. The car has a 1.8 turbocharged four cylinder 177 HP engine. It has five gears when you choose the manual one and it has six gears when you choose automatic gear transmission. The engine promises to deliver better torque and engine efficiency. With all these improvements you get fuel efficiency increment of 3 MPG.

Volkswagen beetle comfort and quality

The car gives you utmost comfort in terms of providing you room for head, leg and body. It has flat-bottomed seats which you can enjoy even driving on a long journey. There is all-round control of the car seats from driver side and passenger side in the car. You can also control climate inside the car from both front and rear seats. The rear row is not that spacious still as a whole the car can accommodate 4 people at a time.

Volkswagen beetle safety features

National Highway Traffic safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway safety have given the model top scores. While the former has given the model the previous scores, the latter has improved the safety ratings of the model.

Volkswagen beetle features

The car is certainly going to improve your music experience with CD player and extra input jacks. You can also connect your mobile devices with the car. There is Bluetooth connection facility in the car with which you can connect various other accessories. The mirrors of the car can be power adjusted. The control of those lies with the driver. It has ambient lighting in it. Adding to that you can find touch radio and push button start feature. You don’t need keys to start the car.
Fuel economy Volkswagen that is 31 MPG puts the model on top in comparison to its peers.

Volkswagen beetle convertible


Volkswagen beetle convertibleVolkswagen beetle convertible adopts retro styling. It can accommodate four passengers at one go. This time the car has got a flat look rather than the rounded look in the previous version. Volkswagen beetle convertible has the option to fold the rear seat. The place can be packed with knapsacks as the volume is 7.1 cubic inches. You just need 10 seconds to close the windows to stop inadvertent rains from dripping you.

Volkswagen beetle convertible makes use of a 1.8 liter 170 HP engine. The engine Volkswagen beetle convertible offers a torque of 184 ft-lb. The car is equipped with all facilities starting like Bluetooth connectivity, eight speaker audio system, power windows, cruise control, USB inputs and alloy wheel of 17 inches. Apart from that you will find keyless starting option with your Volkswagen beetle convertible. The car adheres to all safety norms such air bags and intelligent crash system.

Volkswagen beetle price

Volkswagen beetle price varies as per the control. For manual Volkswagen beetle price is different and for automatic Volkswagen beetle price is different. It starts with $20,470. In total you get 85 variants basing on Volkswagen beetle price. You can get 2dr hatchback with the above mentioned price. The highest model of the car is of $35,059.

Volkswagen beetle price goes to 2.0 liter line 2dr convertible automatic. Generally the cost of the convertibles is higher than that of the normal hatchbacks. Apart from that you always have to pay higher price for the auto-control cars than that of the manual transmission cars. With all these price ranges the car remains one of the affordable cars in the market today. In engine you will find only two variations for all of the models. One is 1.8 liter and the other is 2.0 liter engine. For all the models having sunroof can cost a little more than that of normal models.

Volkswagen beetle specs

Volkswagen beetle specs

Volkswagen beetle specs include cloth upholstery, automatic gear control and front seat lumbar and many more. If you wish to drop automatic transmission from the Volkswagen beetle specs, you may have an advantage of $500. There are a lot of Volkswagen beetle specs for enhancing your musical experience.

You can find CD playing system and other input jacks for an improved musical experience. Bluetooth connectivity gets added to the existing Volkswagen beetle specs. Sunroof, ipod connectivity, dashboard and heated front seat get added to the already packed Volkswagen beetle specs. Premium audio system is equipped with touch system that helps you access the music system easily without involving a lot of chaos to control music.

You get better specs with the convertible version of the model rather than the hatchback version. Keyless access of the vehicle is available with all the models of the car. This works as the best specification of the model from the brand.

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