Watch Free HD Movies and TV Shows. Download MegaboxHD for Free Movie Streaming and Shows!

Watch Free HD Movies and TV Shows. Download MegaboxHD for Free Movie Streaming and Shows!

MegaboxHD App Review

MegaboxHD is one of the best apps that are out there for online Free Movie Streaming. It gives the users instant access to over 5000 movies in their database. They have movies from a lot of genres to suit your mood. And most of them are classic movies that you ought to watch.

And the best part is you do not need an active Flash Player Support for your device to watch movies using this awesome app. They use HTML5 technology which does not require the devices to have Flash Player working on the devices. It plays the video contents directly on the window without any glitch.

All of the movies that they have listed in their archives are in the public domain. So you can easily stream the movies anytime you want on your Android devices. But the only catch is that this app is exclusively made for Android devices. So if you have an iOS device, or you want to watch these great movies on your PC, you might have to take help of a few tricks. To know how to get this app up and running on your iOS devices or PC keep reading the article.


This app has some really cool features that you should know about. I have already mentioned two of them before.

One, it gives you access to a lot of movies that are in the public domain. Thus you need not worry about breaking any rules as such.

It also does not need an integrated Flash Player on your device to play the videos. And this is the best part. Because most of the movie streaming apps require you to have the latest updated version of Flash Player installed on your device.

And to add to all of these, this movie streaming app, MegaboxHD, has integrated database about the movies too. This means that you can get details about the movie before you decide to play them. Or the movie buffs can just check out the details for their benefit.

When you tap on a particular movie title, the app shows you the names of the actors. This also gives a small brief account of the plot. They also have this link that redirects you to the IMDB page of the movie so that you get more information about the movie. There are not a lot of movie streaming apps that has this feature.

They also have this Editor’s Choice column on the app. On this app, the users can find the movies that the editors pick for the users in the form of recommendations. You get recommendations every other week almost. The editors of this app update their Editor’s Choice column every week so that you get new recommendations every week.

Review and Bottom Line:

The movies in their collection are awesome and great. And the quality of the videos is just great. It plays on your Android seamlessly. The only requirement is that you have an Android device to get this app and a good internet connection. It is advised to connect to a WiFi network or 3G or higher internet connection for a glitch-free movie experience. And it is only natural that you have to have a good net connectivity while streaming any video content on any app.

Installing MegaboxHD App:

You can downloadthe Megabox HD app in just three simple steps.

For downloading the app, first, you need to visit the settings of your smartphone. The option for Unknown sources in the Securities should be checked before downloading. Allowing unknown sources is very important, without allowing one cannot move further.

After you’ve checked the option, you can visit the site and choose to download. Which makes it the second step. The download link is present in the official site. You can download the app from the link which matches your device type. There are different download buttons for different Operating Systems.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, you need to install the app.

This is the third and the final step. The most easiest one as well. You just need to click on the downloaded file and opt for installation. You can see all the downloaded files in the download folder of your smartphone. Megabox HD is then successfully installed in your device. Wasn’t that simple?
Once you’ve finished with all the downloading and installation procedures, you can simply go movie-ing!

A shortcut icon is generated on the screen of your smartphone. Which lets you access the app directly from the home screen.

For more and detailed information on how to download the app. You can check the video tutorial on the Official site. The video explains each and every step on how to download the app. Though, the video explains the downloading and installation procedure for an Android Operating System.

Downloading the app on iOS devices:

For iOS devices, nothing is different. The steps are the same. Even though at some point if you get stuck and are not able to process ahead. You can contact the assistants from the site. You can simply leave a comment on the contact section. And this is not all. You can also get this application to run on your PC.

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