Ways To Dispute Medical Bills Under Health Debt On Credit Report

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September 24, 2019
Ways To Dispute Medical Bills Under Health Debt On Credit Report

Medical debt happens to be one of the most common forms of debt based forms, as added on the credit reports. If you ever get to see the medical debt that has already been resolved in some way or the other, you can easily dispute the entry. As long you are able to provide that explanation and some of the supporting documentation, the dispute is not going to be that difficult to address. Filling online can always make this dispute process look quite easy and quick, but it is always mandatory for you to mail in the dispute claims over here. The good news over here is that the medical debt is removed most commonly from the credit reports than any other form of debt over here.

For that, you have to work on the available options and then head for the service you want the most in this regard. Just be sure to go through all the available options and then head for the option you like the most. Understanding the scores from liberty lending will be one noted point for you to consider, as the methods are mentioned over here with extreme care, making it easier for people to learn about it.

Request for a copy of credit report to identify the error:

At first, as the major step in this regard, you have to contact the three major credit reporting agencies for help over here. You can ask them directly and those three names are Transunion, Equifax and Experian.

  • This might be an unknown fact to you but you are entitled to any one of the free credit reports on a yearly scale from each one of the agencies as mentioned before. For that, you have to click on the annual credit report link to get on with this task.
  • It is always mandatory for you to check the reports from all these three agencies as each one is noted t have various information and notes to talk about.
  • In case, you ever find any sort of error on these multiple reports, then you have to file a proper dispute with each one of these agencies over here.

Check to avoid the violation of the 6 months grace period:

Be sure to take a quick look at the available credit reports for the date within which the medical debt as actually added in the report. Some of the federal regulations might ask the companies to wait for a period of 180 days before even reporting the present medical debt to the said credit agencies now. In case, the debt has been reported to around less than 6 months after you were actually billed, you can always dispute the entry.

  • An example might sort out the matter well. You might have billed on March 15th, and then the debt was noted to have been reported on June 15th, then you can actually dispute the report.
  • But, if you have been billed on March 15th, and the debt was reported on October 15th, you cannot dispute the report. It is because more than 6 months have already passed in this regard.

Make sure to check for other forms of errors:

In case, you are checking or the reports online, you might find one “dispute” button to click and then see the dispute option by just hovering the cursor over the entry that you want to contest too. In case, you are actually looking for one hard copy of the report, then you can circle entry that is good in error. Some of the other reasons for the medical debt can be disputed under various heads.

  • Sometimes, the debt has been paid in full before even being reported.
  • You might have reached an agreement with a credit or the collection agencies to have debt reported to be cleared.
  • The debt has been well removed as the result of bankruptcy you have applied for.
  • The debt was not even yours to start with, which can only happen if you have been a victim of identity theft.

Fill out the online form for the dispute:

Once you have successfully clicked on the “dispute” button on the online based credit report, you might be promoted to just start with the dispute report online. There are times when you will be asked to create an account with that of the password, username and email address. Here, you have to get some information ready and those are:

  • Full name, DOB, current and previous addresses and social security number
  • Driver’s license or ID number, copies of bank statements and utility bills
  • Documents showing the reasons for you to dispute the medical bills like letters from creditors or statements marked “paid in full”

If you have the option, then select the reason for disputing

As you have already filled out the required form, you might have to specify exactly the entry which you are disputing on the credit card report and why. Some forms from the agencies might prompt you to just select reasons from the dropdown menu. Make sure to choose the one that matches well with the error you are disputing. For example, if you are actually disputing the credit report as the medical debt has been paid already before it was reported, then you better look for option stating “debt has been paid in full.”

Adding written explanation for dispute if asked for:

You have to enter through explanation of why you might think that debt needs to be removed from a credit report. In case of Transunion, you have the right to add around 100-word statements. You might also have to consent to just allow medical information to just appear on the report as the statement will be added in it.

Make sure to provide all the necessary supporting documents to prove your worth and to take you seriously. Once you have done that, your dispute associated with medical bills and debts will be taken care of right from the core, providing you with best answers always.

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