What activities are to be performed in the process of social media marketing ?

The remaining other related keywords do not throw away, there will be other uses. But sometimes it may not choose the highest performance keywords, such as keywords in your industry the broadest, although due to the relatively low efficiency of the competition so much, but you have the time, budget, and want to aim at this critical ambitious word, that’s worth a try.

The degree of competition keywords is one thing, another very important aspect is whether these keywords really are searched user.

Yahoo’s PPC query tool lists specific number of times a keyword is searched in Baidu and Sohu query tools in particular, although the number is not listed, but there are number of searches listed in the zero to one hundred or one hundred to two a hundred different sections, also generally based on the real situation of a keyword is searched. Of course, Facebook Advertisement Services easiest way is to calculate the number of searches divided by the level of competition. Word Tracker This tool provides a ready-made answers, it has been calculated that for a certain keyword effectiveness.

To note here is that both Yahoo’s query tool and Word Tracker, the absolute number of errors of these data is quite large, it is important that the relative numbers of keywords you are listed between.

The absolute number of errors, including the reasons, there are a lot of owners in the Yahoo price query keywords, etc. , which will be credited to the database, and these queries will largely confuse the true number of queries. But in any case these queries and calculations, you can see your keywords listed in this bunch which has a relatively high performance.

The obvious answer is to choose the highest performance two to three keywords as your home page target keywords. These days talked about the principles of selection of keywords , keyword selection steps , and how to optimize the page for keywords , today will introduce a few key words optimization experience.

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