What are Differences Between 32-Bit Vs 64-Bit: x86 Vs x64

What are Differences Between 32-Bit Vs 64-Bit: x86 Vs x64

Most computer manufacturing companies have been dishing out alligators studded with minimum 4 GB memory recently. And so to tap into the right potential of this memory size, one should know the importance of running the right version of Windows on their machines. All 32 bit (or x86) editions of operating systems are engineered to utilize not more than 3 GB RAM whatsoever. But yes there are a few third party hacks to hypnotize the demon and make this 32 bit Windows version eat more memory than programmed. However, these hacks are not completely reliable and can lead to loads of issues later on.

Before we delve deep into the pros and cons of 32 bit vs. 64 bit, we must first explore the difference between the two. In fact, it is even better to have some information on x86 bit. What does x86 mean is probably the most mysterious puzzle today after Einstein’s Bing Bang theory.

To put it straight without creating any melodrama here, what bit is x86? x86 means 32 bit. So why is it called x86 instead of 32 bit in many occasions? There is a family of processors that all end with 86 such as 386, 8086, 486, 286, and so on. They are all 32 bit and thus x86 meaning. Now you know why x86 means 32 bit. Moving on to another puzzle, what does x64 bit mean? A lot of people refer to 64 bit as x64 in many occasions. In fact, even Microsoft does it. However, the significance of x64 is as not important as the significance of x86 here. There are not many processors in the industry that end with 64. X64 is just an acronym for 64 bit. What does mean 64 bit x64 or x86? The answer is simply 64 bit. That is pretty much it.

32 bit Vs 64 bit: Who’s the stronger demon?

All right! 32 bit or x86 is engineered to access just 4 GB of the total memory on the system. This in context to the latest composition of a system is just a pinch of icing sugar in a cake. A PC is not just a window for window shopping on the Internet these days. It is a hell of a device for almost anything you can imagine. From running a business online to playing 6th generation blood-ridden games, your PC bears it all for the heck it. All of this is not possible on 32 bit edition at all. One more important thing to note down here, your 32 bit edition Windows is engineered to utilize just 3.2 GB of 4 GB installed on your system.
On the contrary, 64 bit is a huge thirsty Zombie that can suck every drop of bits out of RAM. It can access a whopping 8 TB RAM while its server version can access 128 TB.

Demystifying the compatibility phenomenon between 32 bit and 64 bit

Memory is not the only reason why people are now opting for x64 bit Windows editions. It can handle big data in 64 chunks, which is ideally better than dealing a big data in 32 chunks. If you already have a 64 Windows version, then you can see this Program Files folder that stores all x86 applications on your drive. There is another ‘Program Files’ folder that stores only 64 bit applications.

64 bit Window editions can easily process 32 bit (x86) applications or programs whereas 32 bit (x86) cannot.

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