what are the best running shoes

what are the best running shoes

In case, you have decided to have a healthy physique and charming body shape by running, or you have joined the marathon, you must have to pick up the right shoe pair for the purpose, lest you may get the best output of your tasks! Most of the people got confused about shopping the top quality running shoes, so I have made it easier to buy the top quality running shoes! I have set a list of the items that would make you be aware of the topic. Now, do not worry at all about to find out the best running shoes, just read this post down and you will definitely find the useful tips and tricks here! So, here we go!

Most of the people get tangled among the running shoe brands to pick up the right pair for them. It is because of having no more knowledge of the subject. If you are a beginner or a new in running, then you must have to know some points related to the stuff. Without knowing this info, you will be failing again and again in opting for the right kind of products for you! So, I have made it possible to brief you people by this content. Here, I have rounded up the information about the running footwear based on gender. As it is a fact that there is different stuff for each of the gender. So, below, I am going to brief about the running shoes for men as well as for women. So, make sure to read it carefully!

Best Running Shoes For Men

Anatomy and physiology of the men’s feet and the women’s feet is totally different. Men have feet that are much wider than those of the women. And women have narrower heel part of the foot than that of the men. So, how can this be possible to make a single product for both of the genders? So, I am going to share the secrets of the best running shoes for men here!

As per the demands of the men’s physique, weight and the anatomy of feet, here I suggest you all find out the high quality running shoe pair specified for only men. The shoe pair must have the features like it should be perfectly fit in the feet of the wearer. The lightweight shoe pair will always serve you the best way, as it can be carried very easily. Stain-proof and waterproof stuff of the running shoes are also a feature that could make your style upgraded by giving you the perfect ride with neat and clean shoe pairs. One thing to mention here, that is very important, you have to choose the running footwear just according to your feet pronation type. It will give you a perfect ride.

Best Running Shoes For Women

So, I told about the best running shoes for men above and what about the best running shoes for women? Most of the women also participate in the marathon race, on-road racing, trail racing, obstacle racing, and some others do run in order to get a perfect body shape. So, there is a strict requirement for all those ladies, that is to opt for the best running shoes for women!

Here, I am going to sort out your issue, if you have not found the perfect pair of running shoes till now. I suggest you the top features of the women’s running shoes, that have to be found out at the market stores. You just have to find out the shoe brands that are specified for the stuff made for women only. Then you have to know your foot pronation type. Once you know that either you are overpronated, supinated or neutral, the job will be easy for you. The best running shoes for women contain the qualities like lightweight stuff, comfortable ride, easy to run, easy to wear, stain-proof, waterproof and catchy design!

When you are able to find all of the mentioned features in a single pair of running shoes, you will get your goals achieved!

Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Flat feet are an example of the overpronation! What is the secret behind? Your feet are made to bear the body weight and the pronation of your feet is all about that what kind of arch is found under your feet! If you are having flat feet, then it clearly means that you have no arch under your feet or very slight arch. This condition is known as the overpronation. Wet feet test can show you the pronation type of your feet. When you have flat feet, it means there is very less shock absorption mechanism in your feet while running. So, many kinds of injuries may take place during running.

So, you have to choose the following kinds of the running shoes that are

  • Support Running Shoes
  • Motion Control Running Shoes
  • Stability Running Shoes

So, these are the kinds of best running shoes for overpronators that I suggest you to wear while running. It will help you achieving your goals!

Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Here I have briefed about the best running shoes for the persons who have high arches in their feet. What does high arch mean? Simply, it is the gap between your foot and the ground when you place your foot on the ground. In the wet test, it is analyzed that whose feet have a high arch and whose have not! So, if you are being curious about knowing your foot type, you must undergo a wet test. Once, it is confirmed that your foot type is high arched, you have to find out the relevant pair of shoes.

For high arches, I recommend the shoe types that are neutral, softer and flexible. This kind of running shoe types will prove best for the high arches feet. If you pick up the right kind of shoe pair from the stores, you are likely to get rid of the pain in your knees, ankles, and joints of legs and feet. No more chances of injury would be left behind, in case you wear the right shoe pairs while running. Hence, you can boost up your running speed and output!

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

Most of you probably found the wider feet and face difficulty in finding a suitable running footwear! So, I have some suggestions to sort out your issue. If you are one of the persons who got wide feet, look for the suitable stuff ever on the stores. There are various kinds of best running shoes available at the stores, but you have to choose one that is comfortable and a perfect fit of your feet. Ask the shopkeeper to show you wide range of running shoes having wider designing. then go for trials, and take test drives to find out that what pair of shoes will suit your wide feet.

Another important thing to mention here! So many people have feet anatomies like wider on the toe part and narrower on the heel side. So, what for them? You just do not worry at all. Just look for the various items at the store and research on the internet as well, you will find out the perfect fit for your feet easily. Choose the comfortable stuff with a lightweight production!

Best Running Shoes For Supination

So, let us come to the next point, that is supination or underpronation. This is a situation in which the outer side of your foot bears the maximum of your body weight. Hence, during running, the chances are very high to turn your foot along the outer side instantly and you get injured. This is a very critical condition, so a special attention is given to the supinators to avoid the injuries.

For supinators or under-pronators, the running shoes are designed to be very flexible and highly cushioned. So, that the situation may get assisted. You can find out the right and suitable shoe pair for your running to get the better achievements. Here, I have collected the top most info and the list of the top rated, best running shoes for the supinators below. Get an idea!

  • Brooks Dyad 5 Running Shoe
  • Brooks Glycerin Running Shoe
  • New Balance 1060 Running Shoe
  • Brooks T6 Racer
  • New Balance 881 Running Shoe
  • New Balance 757 NBx Running Shoe
  • Adidas Supernova Running Shoe
  • ASICS Gel-Nimbus 11 Running Shoe
  • ASICS Gel-Cumulus 11 Running Shoe
  • Saucony Grid Cohesion NX Running Shoe
  • Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2 Running Shoe
  • Saucony Grid Ignition Running Shoe
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 13

So, all of these mentioned shoe brands and models suit the supinators, so go to opt one of the best running shoes to go rocking!

Best Running Shoes Features

Here, I would like to tell you all, that if you are a casual runner for exercise cause or a professional runner like of marathon, you must invest your pennies on the right kind of stuff, that may provide you no injuries, no pains and the utmost success of running. If you are going to shop for the best running shoes, you must find out the pairs, that may provide your feet a perfect fit, a flexible ride, a comfortable running and lightweight carry. All these features make a product best of all. So, when you opt for the right footwear for running, you get the 100 % output of the tasks related running. Remember, I would say it again, do not choose the pronation type that does not relate your foot shape! It may harm your feet health.

So, that is all about the best running shoes reviews! hopefully, you got much help by this stuff. I have stated all about the matter. So, be conscious while going to shop for the running footwear. You can find out the relevant footwear from the local stores as well as from the online marketing stores. Just get the best quality products and enjoy your ride with a fruitful ending of the running tasks!

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