What is Baby Massage?

There is large of a number of benefits of baby massage. It is an important avenue through which the baby’s mother or nanny can bond with the baby. Besides this, massage also helps muscles to develop and relax. In the last thirty, the good effects and the positive aspects of baby massage have come into light.

In the eastern part of the world, especially in the Asian and African countries baby massage is quite a common activity which had been carried out for traditions. The healing effects of the messages are thereby passed from one generation to another.

Nowadays messages are even done in hospitals and clinics under The National Health Service and this happened due to the realization of the benefits of baby massage by the western people.
The baby can feel a touch, therefore touch does the work of talking about a baby. The parents and nannies gain more confidence towards taking care of the baby and managing them by construing the reaction of the baby to their touch.  They get a better understanding of the baby’s likes and dislikes. Therefore understanding the baby in a better way. This boosts the growth of healthy and a positive relationship between the infant and its parents.

The baby’s muscles and bone joints are strengthened with the help of baby massage and it also helps in preventing certain diseases that may occur during infancy.

The surveys conducted in different countries, in different cultures, has proved that the babies grow up to be healthy adults having compassionate and cooperative characteristics if they receive proper body contact during their infancy in form of being carried or by breastfeeding or by gentle massage.



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