What is Short Term Health Insurance

While one is working for a company or a private entrepreneur, the health insurance is a way to cover for any medical expenses, including consultation fees and investigation and hospitalization costs.

However when one is in transit in occupation or service, example while one is changing jobs or there is a change of institution in college, one may find that there is no health insurance coverage, although this will be resumed in the next employer or institution.

In such case one may seek a short-term health insurance policy to cover for unforeseen health issues including emergency treatment, investigations and such.

To cover treatment costs in accidents or sudden health conditions, these policies are very effective. This is not a replacement for a traditional health insurance scheme, however it is a short-term answer for covering health insurance issues.

The short-term health insurance is only for a period ranging form 30 days to 90 days and sometimes upto 6 months. Such policies are never given for longer period.

Premiums are usually higher then normal insurance premiums. Short-term health insurance does not cover regular consultations and pre-existing disease usually.

Payouts and coverage are important considerations while taking a short-term health insurance policy. Generally maximum insurance payouts are good, upto the million dollar mark, and amount paid as premium can vary from a hundred dollar per month to a few thousand. One can choose the time period, which is short and the maximum insurance payout that will depend on the premium, age of person and some other factors.

Taking these things into considerations one can compare the different short-term health insurance quotes and finds the one suitable for personal needs. Of course the option of having a regular health insurance, even in that period may also have to be considered.


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