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If I ask you get a bottle of soda right now and you will get $100 as a tip or fee, you will run and get it from your nearby departmental store or super shop and you will win it. Now, let’s change the product to a “CONDOM”, tada; you are frozen in your place and will take time to think carefully, make a plan, have a dry run in your mind and then decide to go for it. This is completely normal and nothing to be feeling worried about. Condoms are a great birth control and precaution tool, which helps in keeping a check on the population and diseases, but it’s the people and their thoughts that have turned it into a taboo and persons do not talk in open about these stuffs.

But sexual desire it’s a natural phenomenon and it’s very natural to be wanting to have sex but with precautions. Buying condom should be a necessary and buying the best one to make your partner feel safe and tension free while having sex is really important. You will buy the best clothes, the best perfume if you are then watches, food for her so why not buy the best latex there in the market for her.


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It is one of the most personal moments for you guys and wonder if you are searching for a condom then or even worse your condom gets broken during the gala, nightmare isn’t it! Exactly, so before buying in a hurry always take time, there are things to be done and from where to buy is most important. Let us look @ the ways we can go on to buy condoms according to our size, wish and taste with good research.

The very first thing that will pop in your mind is  – you’re not alone. Majority of the people are a little bit tensed about buying condoms, especially if it’s the first time. We will look around the store hoping that there are no other customers around; and there’s the cashier to face at last…will they be judgmental.

The answer is No he won’t be , the cashier sells a lot of condoms every single day and its pretty tough for him to remember even your face ( if it’s not a shop across your nook) .

The very first thing should be done is get your home work done on the choice of condom. We believe that you have tried many brands, textures, colours and flavours. Some lubricated or non-lubricated, latex or non-latex. And acquire the perfect mix of the product.


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Now comes the buying part , if you are sure about your product then search for the buying source now.

Some of the buying sources are:

  • Super shops or supermarket
  • Chemists and pharmacies
  • Convenience stores
  • Petrol stations
  • health centre’s
  • Sexual Health Clinics
  • Websites/ E-Shopping

Super shops/Supermarkets are amazing places to be , you want any product and they have it , you want the water from mount Everest they have it as well tada , honestly speaking a wonderful place to be but there is one corner that remains calm and soundless people less that’s the condom section so just go there pick the one or ones you want to have and then walk straight towards the counter. You can be rest assured that the counter manager is least skeptical about you buying condoms but if you still feel that you will feel better with less people around then go to the counter with less or no people at all and pay the bill get your product.


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Chemists and pharmacies, everyone goes we all go take medicines for our illness and buy Vitamin lozenges. That’s the catch if you feel that you will feel better if you take more stuffs than the condom only, so go out there and buy things such as a bottle of hand sanitizer (a must for everyone I believe) , some vitamin tablets ( won’t harm anyone) some band aid and then get along 5-6 packs of your favorite condom. So in advance you buy stuffs that are needed in day to day activities and also get your prized possession.

Convenience Store, same thing just like the Supershops, but in a small size , in convenience store it’s better to go out and ask for the produt if salesman are there , you are paying not stealing or begging so it’s   natural to go out there as k for the product, take a few crisp as well if you feel comfortable and come out of the store. Simple, buy with flair and come out.

Petrol Stations are my favorites , whenever I go out there , I won’t be visiting that particular pump for 4-6 weeks so I go out their buy my favorites condoms a dozen and then pay the guy and leave simple. No need to feel embarrassed or shy as the counterman will be seriously busy counting money and providing your products while other check on your cars fuel.  Buying in lots help here.

Sexual Health Clinics and Health Centers have been created for health purposes. There is ought to be products meant for health with standards and safety. Condoms are available there in bulk and people go out there buy and come out, simple. That place is meant for selling of health priority products and condoms is one of them , people buy condoms for regular usage so going there asking for your favorite one and paying out that’s it, simple job done.

Websites or E-Shopping are the best remedy for your shyness and embarrassment of buying condoms ( I believe you have none now till ) Go online order a pack or dozen of your favorites or even can choose different packets and then order in . The deliveryman will drop by the products on cash on delivery or if you had paid via your card. The job is done, no one knows what you bought and the best is even the neighbors’ won’t see or know what you ordered ( as we bump into them at times while being around shopping markets, convenience stores or even petrol pumps) .

Another small but handy one is the vending machine. If you have time while catching a subway just go out there and insert a coin/s to grab a pack of your favorite condoms, these are all quality product kept in small packs so that a person can buy without any hassle.

These are some of the places to go and buy if a person feels like to have the best and favorite piece of condom only for her the true one. The mantra would always be to go and buy a condom form anywhere it is available. If you can have sex, they can sell condoms, she can buy at times for you therefore why you my friend can’t. Go out there buy it and give her the ultimate pleasure.

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