why do you need what makes water under floor heating a viable choice?

why do you need what makes water under floor heating a viable choice?

Planning are you planning to install water under floor heating system before the winter? Don’t Do not think, but just go for it because you wouldn’t find a better alternative. This system offers you maximum benefit at a very reasonable price.

The selling point of the water under floor heating system is that it can be availed by every household irrespective of their social and economic status. It has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the common man and to help them live through the chilly days in comfort and style.

It may be known that the traditional under floor heating system functioned with the help of a boiler or radiator. But with the advancement in technology, the system has become simpler and user-friendly and gaining popularity pretty fast.

How does the New System Work?

– A network of pipes is usually embedded under the surface of the floor through which hot water is passed so that the floor gets heated up due to conduction. But hot water needs to be pumped through the pipes continuously. However, there aren’t chances of the floor getting overheated as the system automatically switches off once the floors have been sufficiently heated up.

– An added advantage is that the system does not run only with the standard compact boiler. It can also be attached to the solar heating system.
Most of the water under floor heating systems happens to run either on hydro power hydro power or on electricity. This makes it cost effective and helps maintain a temperature that isn’t very high. The plus point of hydroid under floor heating is that it can be used for heating the whole house and can be installed under any kind of floor.

Other kinds of Floor Heating Systems

– The electrical or dry heating system is also quite prevalent. It is both reliable and friendly on the pocket. This method is catching on as it doesn’t require any maintenance, thereby cutting down on any further expenses in future. The system makes use of cables and electric mats to heat up the floor surface. However, the only drawback is that it can be installed in certain specific sites.

– Under this system, mats or cables are spread out across the sub-floor. Once that done, the heating element is completely covered and then it is connected to the building’s electrical system. The cables being hidden under the flooring, there are no chances of shock or current leakage.

Though it is said that water under floor heating systems are more suited to new buildings, it is not much of a hassle to install them in already existing residential or commercial set-ups. It is no doubt easier in case of the new buildings as the network of pipes or cables can be laid out during the time of construction itself. However, installing it in old buildings can prove to be expensive in some cases. So, just call up your nearest store and avail of the facility at the earliest. It ‘sit is easy to implement, cost effective and can provide you long-lasting comfort.

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