Why Should You Include Instagram in Your Overall Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Why Should You Include Instagram in Your Overall Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Instagram has been regarded as a robust marketing tool and a powerful social media platform since its inception. It has played a pivotal role in boosting business, broadening their visibility and overall online presence of their products.

If you have still not included Instagram in your social media marketing strategy, you are being unfair to your business and unknowingly, doing it a great disservice.

Here are some of the reasons why you must consider Instagram as it is consistently gaining traction and rising in importance.

More and More Individuals Are Opting for Instagram

As per the statistics, Instagram’s social media presence is bringing over 1 billion monthly active users.  Out of these, there are over 500 million daily active users with around 80% of these users being from other parts of the world and 20 percent from the United States.

Around 38 percent of these users are in the habit of visiting Instagram multiple times every day while around 34 percent of these active users are millennials.

With so many active users, a business could gain success and reach the pinnacle of glory with an effective and dedicated Instagram stratagem.

All Businesses, Big or Small Could Thrive

Instagram is the destination to head for if you are in business and are aspiring for name, fame, and success. It is just the right marketing tool for all sorts of businesses including the reputed big companies, one-man operations, and mom and pop outlets.

However, even for well-known organizations, success never comes overnight. Experts believe that if a marketing team is aspiring to place their company on the map, the only thing they must do is to keep a consistent and active presence.

Moreover, they must maintain a strict routine of posting at least, once daily. This is the perfect strategy used by renowned brands such as Adidas and Coca-Cola along with a host of small unknown businesses for effectively leveraging the power of this versatile social media platform.

That is the place private ventures come in, offering the open door for in excess of an exchange. Free record stores represent considerable authority in elusive collections and host unrecorded music occasions that unite music sweethearts. Family-claimed tool shops share ages of skill, giving clients item suggestions and how-to tips that withstand the trial of time.

Privately possessed blessing shops, gem dealers, outdoor supplies stores and others prevail upon clients with unparalleled administration that makes them feel welcome. In every one of these ways, independent ventures interface with their clients on an important dimension.

They keep the shopping knowledge individual and connecting with, while superstores have since quite a while ago blossomed with confined, do-it-without anyone’s help perusing. The confined methodology may prompt a higher volume of exchanges, in any case, as each entrepreneur knows, the amount is not a viable alternative for quality over the long haul. Nor is the inclination that you’ve truly been made a difference.

Best Platform for Actively Engaging with Customers

You must get the opportunity of interacting and engaging with your customers every day. It is a fact that most of the consumers wish to express their opinion particularly if they are using something and they like something and want the world to know about it.

Instagram is the right platform for people to like, share or comment on their favourite posts. Your company would gain more recognition and visibility with more likes. You could get real Instagram likes by using high-quality pictures, incorporating local hashtags and effectively partnering with some other brands.

Why do you think that Instagram is the right destination for boosting engagement?

According to https://www.forbes.com, Instagram boosts consumer engagement due to its mobile functionality. We know that you could effortlessly use Instagram while you seem to be on the go.

Instagram is known to be a mobile-exclusive social media platform which could at once, edit all the pictures you click while on the go, for posting them on the platform. Instagram could provide an amazing in-the-moment experience that obviously has the power to attract more and more users.

Moreover, the simplicity and ease of using this predominantly photo-sharing app could be another reason for its success.


Instagram is the best way for keeping a constant vigil on your competitors. You could find out how exactly your competitors are interacting with their customers and followers.

Watch carefully their posting techniques and precise posting schedule. You could effectively use all the information you get from Instagram for fueling your social media marketing strategy.

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