WordPress blogging platform: An introduction

Once upon a time, when you had something worth sharing on the web, you had to make a website. So you had to take care of everything. You had to find a domain name, you had to find your hosting, you had to program your website and finally, you were ready to publish your content. Now, there’s the WordPress blogging platform.

What WordPress blogging platform do

WordPress handle the programming part for you. First, you find your domain name. Second, you find your hosting. You have to make sure that the hosting you choose offer a WordPress installation. Then you can just start blogging.
Also, if your not planning on building some kind of business around your blog, you could go on WordPress.com to get a free one. It’s the simplest way to start blogging. However, it’s not your own WordPress installation. You have to follow their terms and rules.

Why use WordPress blogging platform

WordPress is an awesome blogging software. You don’t have to program anything. When your installation is ready, there’s a wonderful community that develop all kinds of themes, plugins, widgets, etc. All those extra features are so easy to install. WordPress make blogging simple.


There’s other blogging platforms out there. It depends on what your focusing on. If you want to make money with your blog, you have to be independent. With your own WordPress installation you can do that. Don’t forget, original content is king. Let WordPress do the rest for you.

I choose WordPress for it community. As a developer I can make all sort of stuffs around WordPress. I can develop extensions to suit my needs. With my work, I can help other achieve website monetization.

What do you think? What blogging platform do you use?

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