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We try and inspire people to design our articles to educate and inspire people to live a tech savvy and easy life. Write for us is actually a great way to show your expertise and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Additionally, you will get a lot of followers from our readers.

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Your Advantage:

A very common and prime question in your mind regarding guest blogging, would surely be “What is my benefit for this kind of Guest Blogging? ”  The best answer of this question would be that you will get a genuine backlink for your personal blog. Having a huge number of readers, get promoted as a professional blogger, also get more friends and followers.

Basic requirements to be a Guest Blogger:

  • Short biography (with your full name), so that readers/ followers can know about you.
  • Articles submitted to us must be exclusive. Reproduction and scrapping of articles published elsewhere online are strictly prohibited.
  • No advertisement is allowed in the guest post.
  • Your personal blog URL is needed to get a backlink for your blog (irrelevant links for SEO purpose and affiliate links are not allowed). If you don’t have a blog, you can link to your Facebook, Google+ twitter or any other social media account.
  • Google+ and Twitter URL are mentioned to provide so that people can easily follow you. Moreover, Google+ URL is also required to verify Google Authorship.
  • You can provide your unique, resourceful articles strictly in proper English having min 800 words and should cover the topic in detail keeping SEO and backlink in mind. Remember, no copied or spinned articles will be allowed as well as vulgar/ disrespectful words.
  • You’ll actually get one chance to impress us and submit a good article; So, If your article is found in breach of the above points in particular, you will have destroyed your chance to write for us, and we won’t publish any of your articles or your teams.
  • Once we have published your article on the website it will become the property of einfon.com. We will protect your post from further editing and keep your author biography intact.

Type of articles we accept:

As it is a technology and information based website we support e wide range of topics like mobile phone application, IT support, IT troubleshooting and tips, Laptops, PC, Tablet pc, mobile phone, photography, cybersecurity, IT tips, SEO, SMM, Digital Marketing and general tech news. So, you can write articles on these topics and send us / post for our review.

For any query/question please mail us to  “ [email protected] “ or “ [email protected]  ”.

If your article follows all of our rules and you like it to publish it on our website, just register, post it and wait for the approval.

What will happen next?

Upon receiving your writing or article we will review your post. Please note that it can take up to 3-5 days for us to review as we receive around thirty submissions each day. So it takes a bit of time. We are quite willing to correct any minor grammatical issues or formatting issues within your writing, but your article will be rejected immediately if it is of too low quality and we reserve the right contacting you about it. If you spoil our time with a terrible article, we won’t spend any time contact with you. It’s a bit serious and harsh, but rules are rules.

If the above rules sound good to you and you follow them, we will get back to you on your post as soon as possible. In most of the cases, we simply publish your post to the world and we fire over a live URL afterwards, creating a more efficient system. Or maybe we may ask you to a few changes if needed.

Are you afraid or confused?

As you are reading this post, it seems you are interested! but are you confused or afraid? So here is a sentence for you: “No risk, no gain”. You may do grammatical mistakes or you may fail to follow one of our rules. Before that, I think you can do googling or view some useful videos on youtube to learn to write for us!  Anyway, you can choose your own strategy even, it is totally up to you …. We just want you to follow our rules and give us a great article! we believe: “ One article can make changes in lives !

Enough! Now start to write according to our rules and post it on the website after login or register.