X-Men: apocalypse (2016) Movies trailer and Download

X-Men: apocalypse (2016) Movies trailer and Download

X-men apocalypse, the most recent and the VIII installment in the marvel franchise is one of the most anticipated and worth watching film as reviewed by the critics. James Mc Avoy, Michael Fassbender, Jeniffer Lawrence, all reprise their role of the Xmen cast with new of cast featuring the likes of Nicholas Hault as En Nabah Sur the antagonist, Psylocke played by Olivian Munn , Alexandra Shipp as Storm and Sophie Turner as the Jean Grey/Phoenix.

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One of the highest grossing movies of this Summer as well as of the Xmen series revolves around En Saha Nur the first and most powerful mutant from Marvel’s X-Men universe , who was once worshiped as a GOD who amasses the powers of many other mutants, resulting into immortality and invincibility. He returns back from his exile in order to rule over this world again. With Technology enhancement and lack of respect for him among people Apocalypse decides to vanquish this world and create one of its own, the one where only the strongest will survive. With his four horsemen Magneto , Psylocke, Storm and Angel Apocalypse decides to conquer the world but not without one of the most prized mutant he has ever meet; Professor Xavier.

The other half revolves around how professor Xavier and his team of Xmen guided by the new famed hero for the world and mutants ,Raven who tries to stop the four horsemen and Apocalypse; not to forget the special cameo from our own Wolverine adds spices to the screening and make people glued waiting for the next up-coming.

The film is about action, with a hint of comedy and sacrifices, drama all involved in a truly worth watching film in theaters. Bryan Singer has been known for his love for the comic characters and here he does justice to the entire script, giving everyone a character a story, a fight to savor and a moment in the film. With absolutely brilliant special effects and amazing sound engineering it will be one of the best films to watch out for in this summer.

James Mc Avoy has evolved as an actor and has made Professor X his own property without him it’s impossible even to think of X-men. Michael Fassbender was born to be Magneto and he really lives in the character, the pain the agony, the sorrow all emotions mixed in for a motive clearly signifies how strong Magneto character is, whether it’s Michael or Magneto whoever is making the other strong but its role is worth paying to watch for. Jeniffer Lawrence was extremely good with the role specially in leading the young brigades as we can see it in the trailers, and Nicholas Hoult chipping in with the Beast.


The surprise package would be the introduction of Night crawler, Cyclops and Jean Grey, both youthful youngster role played by Tyei Sheridan and Game of Thrones fame Sophie Turner. They both have been extremely good and it’s the end that calls for their existence in the film and how important their characters were.

IMDB has rated the film 7.4/10 till June and rotten tomatoes’ have been giving 48% to it. There are critics who would be saying about the flaws and bloopers in the film. But if you are an ardent fan of comics especially Xmen saga then this is a must in theaters released in IMAX and 3D and 2D.

Do not wait for DVDs to be out or for the pirated copy. Go and watch the film as 20th-century fox and Marvel Cinematic Universe never disappoints their fans and audiences, and of course wait for the end credits to finish as a new member would be joining the Xmen family soon.


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