Your Guide to Wearing Slim Width Sandals

Every woman, no matter which part of the world she is from, has a high-heel obsession. A woman, they say, can never have too many shoes. High heels, women’s slim width sandals, stilettos, and other stylish options can be sexy, feminine, and alluring. Not only do they give an impression of slimness to your figure, but they also add a couple of inches to your height!

High heels, women’s slim width sandals and stilettos are known to add a touch of sophistication and induce an aura of confidence around every woman. That is why a pair of women’s slim width sandals is a vital part of your wardrobe.

There are a wide range of women’s heels to choose from like booties, women’s slim width sandals, pumps, and stilettos. Here is your guide to choosing the right ones to suit your tastes and needs.


Stilettos are glamorous high heels with the thinnest, longest and most sassy style in the market. These heels take much practice and skill to walk around in confidently and comfortably, as they are as high as can be. For someone who isn’t accustomed to these kinds of shoes, taking a tumble in stilettos is quite possible. Stilettos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and can be a bit painful for those who have sensitive feet.

The best way to wear stilettos confidently is to start off by wearing Mari’s women’s slim width sandals or boots and then gradually progress towards higher heels like stilettos. Team your stilettos up with a slinky black dress or a short skirt to make heads turn!

High Heels

These are different from the stiletto in the sense that they have a wider base and it is easier to walk in these shoes. High heels are much more versatile when it comes to matching with your outfits and can be worn to work and for a glamorous night out on the town.

Low Heels

Low heels should be worn by those women who are naturally tall and don’t want to walk around in higher heels all day long. These shoes give you all of the style with little discomfort. Low heels are ideal and outstanding for office wear and compliment most dresses, depending on their design and structure.


Platform shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes around. Not only do they give the same height as high heels or stilettos do, but your entire foot is evenly supported with them. While they lack the stylish appeal of stilettos, they are much safer and much more comfortable. Match them to a pair of jeans and you’re sorted!

Choosing the Right Heels for Your Feet

Make sure the heels you select match the shape and size of your legs as much as they match the color and length of your outfit. Wide base heels tend to slim down thick legs, women’s slim width sandals compliment proportionate legs, and stilettos are very complimentary to long legs. And there you have it!

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